Back to work.

“One of the Girls” album cover, the first hypnotic single by Norwegian producer Otha.

It’s here! The best music to face your September issues.

Featuring Californian punk rock band FIDLAR to warm up, followed by minimal synth Danish pop Lust For Youth, and the everlasting light of the greek band Marsheaux.

We also include some under the radar artist such as the dreamy french pop star Vendredi sur Mer, self-made musician Jazzboy and the ethereal sound of Blouse from Portland.

Listen to the playlist below and follow us on Spotify to be updated every month with our selected tracks.

  1. No Waves – FIDLAR
  2. By No Means – Lust For Youth
  3. To the End – Marsheaux
  4. You On Me – Altarboy, Silvergreenbee
  5. The Trip – Still Corners
  6. Into Black – Blouse
  7. Chewing-Gum – Vendredi sur Mer
  8. Miss You – Thieves Like Us
  9. Poison Lips – Vitalic
  10. Violence (Original Mix) – Grimes, i_o
  11. One Of The Girls – Otha
  12. Harlem – Jazzboy
  13. Ocean Drive – Miami Nights 1984