Last Saturday, Bill Kaulitz (singer of Tokio Hotel) presented his new Capsule Collection for MDLA at the About You Fashion Week in Berlin.

Created as a pop up store, MDLA is now one of the first labels to walk the runway of the About You Fashion Week, introduced as a new platform, a pre-start of the official Fashion Week, where the most exclusive pop stores present their collections to the final consumers so they can buy immediately the creations. 

MDLA started as a label for Bill’s merchandising designs for Tokio Hotel but soon turned out as a total manifesto as the clothes have grown to become a more mature fashion side and streetwear formal collection.

Presented as minimal, high quality and unisex, the clothes are a dream come true for the singer: 90’s vibes, sparkly oversize t-shirts, neon colors and Japanese writing characters define the silhouette of the MDLA style. It’s the perfect mixture between a band merch and a label itself.

Of course, beneath every piece there is a meaning to remind us of Bill’s career and a little glance of his personal memories and precise style. He has flawlessly unified all his areas of interest into a single one.

You can watch the fashion show at the link below: 

Words Adriana Barreno