Season of the Witch.

Kelly Lee Owens by Daniele Fummo.

As leaves start to turn brown our October playlist brings the best selection of the new season.

Starting with Lana Del Rey‘s wonderful voice followed by Oxford’s band Foals with the dazzling track “Moonlight”. Going deeper to find most recent releases from well-established bands such as DIIV, Cigarettes After Sex or HVOB.

Listen to the playlist below and follow us on Spotify to be updated every month with our selected tracks. 

  1. Season Of The Witch – Lana Del Rey
  2. Moonlight – Foals
  3. A Man Can’t Know What It’s Like To Be A Mother – Jim-E Stack
  4. Taker – DIIV
  5. Heavenly – Cigarettes After Sex
  6. Throwing Lines – Kelly Lee Owens
  7. Feet – Fat White Family
  8. Synapse – Linea Aspera
  9. True Love – Otzeki
  10. Blind – Hercules & Love Affair
  11. Heavy Eyelids – Danny L Harle
  12. Sorry About the Carpet – Agar Agar
  13. Zinc – HVOB